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Charlotte Chinese Academy (CCA) Student Registration
夏乐市华夏中文学校 2015-16 学生注册登录

Welcome to 2015-16 CCA Registry -
Donation for 2015-16 school year is $260 per student, plus $20 registration fee. For existing students, registration is free.
For new users, please create an account to register your child.


I've read and acknowledged all documents listed below and take full responsibility for the safety of my children during the school hour on the campus.

1. Release of Liability Form (责任豁免同意书)
2. CCA Parents Rule (华夏中文学校家长守则)
3. Parent On-duty Rules (华夏中文学校值班家长职责)
4. CCA Student Rules (华夏中文学校学生守则)

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